About Us

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to avoid taking your precious time with lofty introduction as we believe that the best way to know a company is the efficient and correct work relationship which is based on reliable workpower and quality work. This is what Euro Job system S.A. provides you.


Our management team has been on the labor market since 1999. Our company has been  progressing and growing  continuously and covering more and more part of the market.

Our company has strong capital base which enabled us to change our company’s  form into corporation in 2012.

Our progess and growth is not only the result of the professional management but also of the immediate managers who also have more than ten years of routine and experience in managing,  completing their tasks with maximum efforts. They are continuosly trained to maintain and develop their expertise.

The main activities for Euro Job System S.A are  labour supply and transfer mainly in Hungary with Transilvanian-Hungarian , Slovakian –Hungarian and Hungarian people.

Fulfill the requirements of our partners is our most important goal. To achieve this we only believe in precise and high quality work. We try to recruit reliable and certified people. All of our partners before has been satisfied with the labor we provided and in many instances they have recommended us to other companies who could become our partners later.

We currently supply in various fields of the industry at several locations throughout Hungary with skilled and trained people.